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Montessori Education vs Traditional Education

Individualized Ceilingless Learning:

  • Learning is adapted to the needs of the child vs. traditional grade or age-based

Optimized Flexible Learning Spaces:

  • Carefully designed open classrooms for individualized learning and collaboration vs. traditional structured designs with assigned seating and desks.

Intrinsic Motivation with Self Paced Mastery:

  • Supports student choice, innovation, active learning, and desire for mastery vs. traditional teacher-directed passive learning and assessment.

World Class Experiential Curriculum:

  • Comprehensive mastery-based adaptive curriculum designed for deep learning and understanding vs. traditional fixed models with shallow understanding.

Collaborative Learning and Multi-Age Classes:

  • Supports social-emotional growth with collaboration, peer learning, mentoring, community discussion, and conflict resolution vs. traditional teacher managed age or grade-based models.

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