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Serving Infants through 6th grade, Country Day Montessori Schools (CDMS) are leaders in high quality Montessori education. CDMS prepares children to reach their full potential in an environment that both nurtures and inspires. A premier Montessori education integrated with innovative, best practices in child development offer unparalleled institutions
of teaching and learning. The CDMS team is proud to offer an advanced, unique approach to private school education
in Tampa Bay. 


Country Day Montessori Schools are accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS), Cognia,  American Montessori Society (AMS), or American Montessori Internationale (AMI) respectively.



A truly educated individual and lifelong learner is motivated from within by a natural curiosity and love for knowledge. Country Day Montessori School’s education philosophy integrates current research, technology, and trends with established Montessori doctrine. It supports our Mission and guides the development of our environment, our educational methods, and our curriculum. The schools promote student-centered learning, where the student is the worker, researcher, and active learner, with the teacher as the coach or guide. This results in greater cognitive engagement and long-term educational gains. It also provides a “ceilingless” opportunity for academic progress based on the strengths of each child. 


Country Day Montessori Schools are communities where each student is a recognized participant, known to other students, faculty, and staff. Small student-teacher ratios allow for maximum attention to each child’s individual needs. Grouping classes in two to three-year age groups encourages student-centered individualized learning, provides teacher continuity,
and enhances social & emotional development. In addition to focusing on the potential of the child, we foster an environment where families are encouraged to be involved in the education process and treated as important members of the
learning community.



CDMS’s Town 'n’ Country location was the first school founded in 1970 in the network of schools. As the first AMS (American Montessori Society) accredited school in the nation, CDMS schools have a history of high quality, authentic Montessori education. Country Day Montessori Schools have grown to include locations serving both sides of Tampa Bay.



Global Perspective

Our schools prepare children to be compassionate citizens with a global perspective. The Montessori cultural curriculum and World language study guide our students in understanding their world.

Network of Schools

As a network of schools we have over 50 years experience in redefining education. Our network of schools and teams use this half century of knowledge to create a modern, unparalleled Montessori education.

Whole Child Development

Our approach to education ensures that every child’s need is met from infancy through adolescence. Socially, emotionally and physically; our curriculum is designed to foster social emotional growth and the executive functioning skills to be successful throughout the child’s educational journey.

Ceilingless Education

A true Montessori education is ceilingless and personalized to each child’s academic, social and emotional needs. Our schools meet each child where they are and use best practices in education to help them reach their potential.

An Experiential Education

While every Montessori education offers opportunities for children to learn by doing, at CDMS, we take experiential learning to new levels. Through the CDMS network of schools we offer hands-on experiences in Animal Science, Marine Science, gardening, STEM and more.

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